FAQ #1

How long does it take to build a swimming pool?

Each swimming pool is a custom project with its own unique set of circumstances. Variables can include the community’s special requirements, added water features, unfavorable weather conditions or mid contract add-ons. Generally; it takes 2 months to complete a swimming pool, this includes the construction process from excavation to completion. We will do our best to meet or exceed your time constraints while maintaining the highest standards.

FAQ #2

What kind of equipment and pool cleaners do you offer?

We offer a variety of energy and time saving pumps, filters and sanitations options. We also have a several excellent choices for cleaning systems including robotic and infloor cleaning systems. During the design phase; these options will be reviewed to achieve the best for design for your dream pool as well as adhering to your budget requirements

FAQ #3

Do I need a pool service or can I maintain the pool myself?

Pool maintenance is key in keeping your backyard oasis in tip-top shape. Hiring a pool service/maintenance company is based on personal preference. Town and Country Pools and Spas will provide a through orientation to get you acquainted with your equipment and how to use it, how to care for your new pool, and how to maintain the water chemistry. This will allow you time to decide if you want to maintain the care of your pool or hire a service company.

Do you offer solar heating?

We design and install solar heating for those that want to extend the swimming season. We will also evaluate the possible solar locations and feasibility. Solar heating is not your only option when deciding if you want to be able to heat your swimming pool. We are happy to walk you through the available options based on your situation.

FAQ #4

How much will a swimming pool cost to build?

Swimming pools vary in price similar to the varying prices of homes. A bigger pool with more features is going to cost more than a smaller pool with a minimum amount of features. Your local community’s permit fees will impact the price of the pool as well (hopefully in a positive way). Your designer will be able to help design a pool to fit your budget.

FAQ #5

How do I get started?

That part is easy. Call, email or text us to get started. We will be able to schedule a free in-home discovery and design meeting. This is when the fun starts to take shape!

FAQ #6